Monday, March 26, 2012

Man dreads to be alone.

And of all kinds of isolation,
inward isolation is the most appalling.
The early anchorite lived with God;
he dwelt in the spirit world,
the most populous world of all.
The miser lives in a world
of imagination and fruition;
his whole life and all that he is,
even his sex, lies in his brain.
A man's first thought,
be he leper or convict,
hopelessly sick or degraded,
is to find another with a like fate
to share it with him.
He will exert the utmost that is in him, 
every power, all his vital energy,
to satisfy that craving;
it is his very life.
(Jacques Colin aka Carlos Herrera)

(art by Konrad Banaszkiewicz)


  1. Hello Gulmor, Good morning..
    Love your new sharing.. awesome photo manipulation!!!!
    sounds is not my kind of music but its go good with this photos ;)
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