Friday, January 4, 2013

"These Earthlings
do not yet dare to see
what our Mother Nature is.

At the back of their minds
is still the desire
to abandon themselves to her.

They do not see that
except for our eyes and wills,
she is purposeless and blind.

She is not awful, she is horrible.
She takes no heed to our standards,
nor to any standards of excellence.

She made us by accident;
all her children are bastards undesired;
she will cherish or expose them,
pet or starve or torment 
without rhyme or reason.

She does not heed, she does not care.
She will lift us up to power and intelligence,
or debase us to the mean feebleness 
of the rabbit
or the slimy white filthiness
of a thousand of her parasitic inventions.

There must be good in her
because she made all that is good in us
but also there is endless evil.
Do not you Earthlings see the dirt of her,
the cruelty,
the insane indignity of much of her work?"

(tekst by H.G.Wells - Men Like Gods) 
(These wooden sculptures are In Melbourne Australia’s famous Garden of Bruno)

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