Monday, June 10, 2013

"Our excess of egotism!
We all have it.
It is a commonplace to say
man is as over-sexed
as a cageful of monkeys,
but sex is only one manifestation
of his stupendous egotism.

In every respect
he is insanely selfcentred —
beyond any biological need.
No animal, not even a dog,
has the acute self-consciousness,
the incessant, sore,
personal jealousy of a human being.

Fear is linked to this —
there is no clear boundary here —
and so is the hoarding instinct.
The love of property
for its own sake
comes straight out of fear.

This terrified, immature thing
wants to be safe, invincibly safe,
and so,
by the most natural transition,
fear develops into
the craving for possessions
and the craving for power.

From the escape defensive
to the aggressive defensive is a step.
He not only fears other beings,
he hates them, he flies at them.
He fights needlessly.
He is cruel. He loves to conquer.
He loves to persecute… . Man!"
(H.G. Wells - Star Begotten)

(various artists)

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