Friday, July 5, 2013

“But what impresses me most

about the present state of the world
is the entire dominance  of the violent,
common mind, the base mind.
It brutalizes.
It brutalizes everything new and fine.
Inventions. Our children.
Either it expresses itself
in stampeding mob action,
revolutionary or reactionary—
it is all the same in the long run—
or else it embodies itself
in some Hero—like this fellow Hitler—
identifies itself with him
and  so achieves its vehement releases.
Assertive patriotism, mass fear,
and impulse to persecute—
particularly the impulse to persecute—
seem to be more dreadfully in evidence today
than ever before in human affairs.
Dreadfully and hideously.”
(Star- Begotten (1937))

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