Tuesday, April 1, 2014

An armed conflict between nations

horrifies us.
But the economic war
is no better
than an armed conflict.
This is like a surgical operation.
An economic war is prolonged torture.
And its ravages are no less terrible
than those depicted
in the literature on war
properly so-called.
We think nothing
of the other
we are used to its deadly effects...
The movement against war is sound.
I pray for its success.
But I cannot help the gnawing fear
that the movement will fail
if it does not touch the root of all evil
— human greed.
(M. K. Gandhi, "Non-Violence—The Greatest Force,"1926)

(art by Pejac)

Did you see their faces beaten to obey
Did you see the colours sulphur yellow, concrete gray
Did you see the eyes listless and indifferent
Oppression no resistance bodies without a spine

Day by day your hands are used
To build a world called decadence
So shut your eyes close your ears
Close your mind and perish with the multitude

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